Find Custom Dog Signs for Your Home

Don't Say Beware...
I Watch Here.
The “I Watch Here” sign was designed to show Honor and give recognition to your dog’s observant, watchful Behavior. To be perfectly honest, we at I Watch Here believe that our dog signs are designed for all canines. We are convinced that a dog’s “watch” behavior is an innate canine trait just like sneezing, shivering, and yawning; it is not something that is learned.
We believe that you will be accountable and display your dog sign with pride. We genuinely promise that you will not have that feeling of dishonor that is felt by an owner when a dog misbehaves.
Best regards,

Mounting your Sign

 Your Sign can be mounted and displayed in a variety of ways. Shown here a sign is displayed on a brick wall. Four small screws secure the sign to a section of shelving board. Finally, two wall anchors attach the board to a mortar joint of the wall. Double sided tape can also be used to mount the sign. 

Customer Testimonials

You have a wonderful product that allows owners of this magnificent breed [Rottweiler] to let others know who resides in their house in a tasteful and respectful way. I agree that as an owner of what insurance companies like to refer to as a "dangerous breed" there is no need to further advertise with a "Beware" sign.


- Natalie Cswertek