Customer Testimonials


You have a wonderful product that allows owners of this magnificent breed [Rottweiler] to let others know who resides in their house in a tasteful and respectful way. I agree that as an owner of what insurance companies like to refer to as a "dangerous breed" there is no need to further advertise with a "Beware" sign.

--Natalie Cswertek



For years I have been looking for a sign to alert visitors that I have a dog - so they will close the gate behind them! "Beware of Dog" was too scary and also untrue! I love my "I Watch Here" dog sign. It looks like my dog, and is informative without being frightening. It lets visitors know that my dog is alert. Thank you so much for your unique product, and your outstanding customer service.

--Sheila, Phoenix, AZ



When I first saw your advertisement and a picture of your sign, I said, "I want one of those!" As an owner of German Shepherds, I usually use the "Beware of Dog" sign. I never felt good about those signs. Somehow, they indicated a vicious beast lived here, a dog to be feared. I always felt it provoked a retaliatory attitude from adolescents. The "I Watch Here" sign, with the picture of the German Shepherd, gets the message across without being offensive. Mine is hung directly above the doorbell. The UPS driver, or anyone ringing the doorbell cannot miss it. I also like the size of the sign. Thank you for your clever and very useful product.

--Theresa Rossi and [dog] DaVinci